However much we would like to help everyone, we must admit that we are not the right ICT partner for everyone.

Our way of systematic and proactive ICT management is focused on SME companies where ICT is a “need to have“. For those we have made choices and optimized our services.

For each company, the importance of automation is different. We are only the right partner if our approach has a clear added value for you. A positive and constructive way of working together is a basic starting point for us.

We like to be clear about that.

We are NOT the right partner for your company when:

  1. you think your IT infrastructure will continue to work infinitely without maintenance
    In service companies, automation is the most important tool.
    It is also an interplay of many independent products, which in addition communicate with external systems. Due to errors, security reasons and just extra features all those products come regularly with patches, updates and new versions. You still want everything to work seamlessly, so proactive and regular management is a necessity;
  2. you only want to make an appointment that you can call us if something is really broken
    Prevention is many times better, but if anything happened, a good preparation is worth gold. Solving ICT problems starts far before they actually occur. Without structured and extensive documentation, with obsolete software, without working backup and without proper support tools, it takes much longer to solve those problems;
  3. you don’t want to invest in new products before the old until the thread is worn out
    Always the newest of the latest ICT purchase we do not find a sensible entrepreneurial decision. ICT remains a means and not an end in itself. But sometimes you have to replace things before they are broken. It’s not about the devices. But in order to be able to do the work as efficiently as possible. In the case of obsolete equipment and software, the risk of malfunctions (at the most undesirable moments) is increasing exponentially. Business you sometimes have to spend money to save;
  4. you are searching for the lowest fares provider
    We work as a team that in all cases can act quickly and accurately for the end result “It should just work”. We do so for a fair fixed price, with no surprises afterwards, which sometimes seems to be more expensive than a “cheaper” concullega. This difference pales at the hidden additional indwelling and other IT irritation. Finally, staff costs are many times higher than the IT management expenditure;
  5. you find it difficult to dealwith our constructive “unsolicited” feedback and recommendations
    We feel obliged to always be open, honest and without self-interest and to advise and solicit and unsolicited for the best results in the interests of your organisation;
  6. You do not let us use our own carefully chosen standard tools
    To guarantee you good and fast support we use a standard set of tools that we know through and through for backup, security, antivirus and support. That’s our tools. These are usually already included in our services. Sometimes this will mean that products purchased by you may not be used. However, it guarantees a higher service quality and a longer term saving. Of course you are completely free to choose your business applications;
  7. you are looking for an all-in-one solution for everything in the ICT field
    We specialize in managing office automation in all its facets, with all the tools and applications that belong to it. Nothing more and also nothing less. ICT sub-areas such as creating websites, developing applications or apps require a different mindset and a different type of specialists. That is why we do not offer you. We do want to help you with the choice of the right partner (s) for this.

Does this approach appeal to you?

Just call us on 020 – 6 870 870 and we will explain it further.
Not as a seller or Account manager (which we don’t have) but just to see what added value we can offer in your situation. No obligations of course.

Only when our way of working matches your wishes and requirements, we continue.

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