Structural support and management of your office automation


Are you ready with those IT problems, the loss of time and those unexpected bills or are you increasingly frustrated by waiting for your IT administrator?

If something is wrong, you simply want to be helped quickly. Not the next day, not about an hour, but just now. With the right support you can get more done with fewer people. In this time of staff shortage, you do not have to find the hard-to-find new employee.

As specialized system administrators for SMEs, we ensure that problems are prevented, risks are avoided and failures are tackled at lightning speed.


IT should work for us.

And that’s what it’s doing for us for  the last 19 years.


Rene Scheepmaker
Scheepmaker Accountants en Belastingadviseurs


How we achieve this for you

Structural management

Focus on problems and irritations, with a lot of attention for documentation, security & backup.

One point of contact

You will never be sent from pillar to post again. We are always the first point of contact.

Rapid Respons Servicedesk

In case of urgent problems, a support engineer is on the phone within 30 minutes (often immediately).

Fixed contacts

You always have two contacts for other questions. One technical contact person and one strategic IT advisor.


  • Onboarding / offboarding employees.
  • Change management
  • Acces rights management

State of IT reporting

  • Asset report
  • Best practice audit
  • Periodic business review
  • Budget planning & forecast

IT support portal

  • Ticket overview
  • Form based support
  • Learning centre
  • Document centre

Eén One fixed all-in price

Affordable and budgetable. All support and management, all tools and all additional costs are included.

Your IT is our risk

Our working method with one fixed all-in price means that your IT problems are our risk. After all, the more problems you have, the more time we spend on managing them.

We stand for 100%, hence our:

90 days money back guarantee

And that works exactly as it says. If you are dissatisfied after 3 months of cooperation and we can not solve that, we will cancel our contract without any hassles and you will receive your money back.


Our ‘relationship’ started on the day before the new millennium. They solved an acute problem in a financial application that same evening. They still do a good job as an external network administrator for us.

Mr. Freek Meeuwissen
De Bruijn & Co Accountants


For whom

We work for small and medium sized companies, with most of the times 20 or more PC’s or laptops, which have to be able to rely on their computers, network and Internet for their work every day.

We manage the entire network. From servers, workstations (Windows & Apple), networks, Microsoft 365, applications and databases to telephony, smartphones and tablets. Both locally and in the cloud.

We would like to help everyone, but we have to admit that we are not the right ICT partner for everyone. We have summarized that For whom Radix is not the right ICT partner.

Interview ( dutch) with:

Marco de Wildt
Veromatic International


Change to Radix?



Start with Radix

We also make switching to Radix easy as 1-2-3. We take care of everything. This way we ensure that everything works smoother from the start than ever before.

Does this appeal to you?

Then we start with a good conversation. First by telephone and if that then clicks with you in the company. We do not talk like a salesperson (we do not already have one), but content about possibilities, solving problems and covering risks.

Just call me on 020 6 870 870. Would you prefer to be called back? Enter your details below.


Gerard Bakker