We: a team of now 8 driven people, all special in their own way. A self-managing team without many hierachical functions. Each contributes to its level. With one common goal: your satisfaction.

Are: What we do. Not because of a genius marketing strategy, but because it’s better for you, we often do things a little bit differently. We are always amazed when we discover that our Concullega’s do not always do that.

RADIX: Latin for Carrot. Root (root in English) is the system administrator of a Unix system. We started as Unix specialists. Even then we already had system administration as a basis.

since 1987: when PC’s were still using floppy’s, the kilobyte was still veeery much, the Internet still needed to be invented and the cloud was still cloudy.
Yet we still do the same thing: “To take care of”

Because IT just has to work!

Automation must be a means and not an end in itself

For you as a SME, automation is different than for larger companies. For you, it is primarily an effective asset that allows your staff to work optimally. Unfortunately: It often works in SMEs not optimally, for a variety of reasons. Result: Frustration with you and your employees, inefficient processes and therefore unnecessary costs.

95% of the problems you have now are unnecessary

With good IT management, almost all of your problems can be avoided. But that takes a different mindset: management based on a fixed amount per month rather than on an hourly basis. For hour-invoice leads to conflict of interest. After all, your IT manager has an interest in problems; Its turnover depends on it.

That is why we approach Radix radically differently:

We charge you one fixed amount per month with unlimited service. In this way your interest becomes our interest: preventing problems.
Of course: Paying on an hourly basis seems to be cheaper in the beginning. But saving on IT ultimately leads to higher costs. Just count.

Your It should be our risk, don’t stay yours

Our approach means that your IT problems become our risk. After all: the more problems you have, the more time we spend on managing it.
Therefore, when you become our customer, we devote a lot of attention to you in the start-up phase. Without to charge additional start-up costs, incidentally. In this way we ensure that everything runs smoother from the outset than ever before. Better for you, and better for us.

We are averse to contrived Pooha

We do not like the sounding mission and vision statements. We’d rather tell, in plain language, what we stand for. That is why in our promises we are also so direct

Do not solve ad hoc problems, but structurally prevent and take care of them.

And because we believe in it 100%, we can also promise you the following:

90 days not good money back guarantee

And that works exactly as it stands. If you are dissatisfied after 3 months of cooperation and we cannot solve it, we will break our contract without hassle, get your money back and take a good stand.

Not that you want it after 90 days, but it’s good to know, right?

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